Saturday, 15 October 2016

Book offer

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Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Another colour image (4th PzDiv)

Another colour image, this one shows a TauchPz IV Ausf E from PzRgt 35 - 4th PzDiv. Nice clear markings showing the turret numbers are quite a deep, almost Cadmium yellow. Can't work out what the pinkish object on the turret roof is.

The third image shows a unit symbol on the superstructure side behind the jack. Single jerrycan in the rack has white cross indicating water. One super little detail is the horseshoe attached to the turret seal. 

As an extra bonus here is another 4th PzDiv Tauch, this Division is still one of the rarest to find....

Thursday, 9 June 2016

Colour TauchPz!!

Two incredibly interesting images appeared on PixPast (the web page for a collection of colour slides from the 30s-40s). They show two TauchPzs from 3.Pz.Div. The first one shows vehicle 1231 (p100 & possibly 97 of TauchPz supplement) during the early stages of Barbarossa. It shows first clear evidence of the jack block moved to the rear because of a spare wheel placement. Note the soot from the unmuffled (is that a word?) exhaust.

The second image show another TauchPz from the 12th Kompanie but much later in 41 when it has been transferred to the 8th K. I know of a rear image of the same situation that clearly shows a hurried reapplication of numbers. 

In front of the new turret number "812" is a small marking which may be the rearing Berlin bear on a yellow shield. Although it is does not seem to appear on 3.Pz.Div vehicles until 42.

PixPast - A great find and now a regular visiting place

Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Good modelling news!

After a few years in the wilderness the excellent "Tristar" kits are once again available, this time under the Hobby Boss name. I don't know if they have changed anything within the box or if it's just a straight repackaging thing. It would be great if they added a turret bin.

They have started to show up on UK sites at pretty reasonable prices:

Monday, 23 February 2015

Large haul of PzRgt29 images on ebay

Over the last month or so a seller has listed a large number of images relating to PzRgt 29, 17th PzDiv during Operation Barbarossa. From pre war training exercises right through to a change to the longer barrelled Gs in 42/43. For those of you who have "Diary of a Panzer man" some of them will be familiar and are possibly part of a comprehensive set sold to members of the unit. I contacted Kenny who wrote the book about his Uncle and he has been following their content with interest.

Erich Hagars's photos were in poor condition compared to these, which are pretty well preserved. I managed to get hold of a few but most went for more than I could scrape together for such a volume of images coming along at the same time. Here are 47 of the most relevant  ones I managed to download:

The earliest image shows a mishap on a training mission. The image can be dated pre barbarossa as the marking on the left fender was seen on vehicles before the introduction of the turret bin and no other stowage has been fitted.

Some nice images of a pretty tentative "diving" session. They are the only known images to show the waterproof cover for the driver's visor in place and were where the visual reference for my corrections right at the start of this blog.

In the "Diary of a Panzer man" there is only one mention of training for underwater operations and it takes up lass than a day. I asked Kenny if there were other mentions that were left out and he confirmed this was the only entry relating to this, so as far as I know from the images and documents I have seen PzRgt 39s Ausf Es were never used in full diving set up.

Moving up to the front in full Barbarossa stowage setup - using the "Autobhan" to transfer East.

Not sure at what point his is it could be as late as Autumn 41 and the onset of the mud season.

Early conquest. These views appear to have been taken during the initial part of the invasion when vast distances and many towns were passed through.

600 was the Kompanie Commader's vehicle and it was destroyed in a tank battle near Smolensk.

612 was Erich Hager's vehicle. it was caught in an ambush behind a TauchPz III which was also destroyed. Along with another two crew men he escaped and spent a period fighting with infantry as the front became unsettled.

 a good detail of the holes in the vent louvres where the one piece cover was pulled through
the one piece vent cover seen hanging by a wire from one of the holes mentioned above.

The TauchPzIII and graves of fallen comrades.

An awkward crossing causes a bit of bother for the unit. 

There is a two page spread of this incident in my TauchPz Volume (p78-79), which captures the moment before the TauchPzIII below has ago at crossing

Another KOed and decapitated TauchPzIV

The rest of the images are general views of the unit at rest or during resupply, during the summer of 41